Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One view of Mount Fuji

Caught my first view of Mount Fuji today. I had been told that you could see Fuji from the top of the hill and so had made it a regular stop on my little walks with G.. Until now I had seen nothing and had begun to suspect I was having my leg pulled. Then, on my way up the hill, I glanced to my right and there Fuji was, looming large beside the setting sun. The rain must have cleared the air.

Fuji is huge. She is about 30 miles away from here but looked about the same size as the mountain across the valley (called Oyama or "big mountain"). Once I had seen her, I couldn't quite work out how she had been hiding herself.

This pic doesn't really do the scene justice. It was taken with the little camera on my mobile phone,which was most definitely not up the task. In reality, the mountain loomed ashen grey against a salmon pink sky. The snap approximates to my first glimpse though. Only 45 more views to go to match Hokusai. Poor bloke had to get all his views carved out in wood! I can just snap them on my mobile and whack them on the web! Not sure the results are quite as crisp, however.

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