Saturday, January 01, 2000

36 views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai Katsushika

Rather confusingly there are actually 46 in the series:
(For slightly bigger images click the pics.)

From Nihonbashi in Edo

From Hoinganji Temple at Asakusa

From Suragdaji in Edo

From Tsukadajima in Musashi

From Surugacho in Edo

From Senju in Musashi

A Mill at Onde

From Gohyaku Rakon Temple

A Morning after Snow in Koishikawa

At Enza-no-matsu Pine at Aoyama

View through Mannen-boshi at Fukegawa

Sunset view across Ryogoku Bridge from the bank of the Sumida in Oumayagashi

View on a fine breezy day

From Enoshima in Sagami

FromTago Beach in Ejiri on the Tokaido Road

From the Tama River in Musashi

From Sekiya by the Sumida river

From Shimo Meguro

From Misaka in Kai province

From Ejiri in Suruga

From Kajikazawa in Kai

From Mishima Pass in Kai

From Fujimigahara in Owari

From Hodogaya on the Tokaido road

In the Mountains of Totomi

From Ushibori in Hitachi

From Yoshida on the Tokaido road

From the sea off Kazusa

From Lake Suwa in Shinano

Waves off the coast of Kanagawa

Summer shower beneath the peak

From Noborito

From Shichirigahama Beach in Sagami

From Inume Pass in Kai

From the lake at Hakone in Sagami

From Umesawa in Sagami

From Tatekawa in Honjo

From Gotenyama at Shinagawa on the Tokaido road

From Ono Shinden in Suruga

From Nakahara in Sagami

From Kanaya on the Tokaido road

From the tea garden at Katakura in Suruga

The view at dawn in Kai

From Senju

Ura Fuji viewed from the Minobu river

People climbing Mount Fuji

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