Saturday, September 29, 2007

An interesting video

The Republican Mayor of San Diego Jerry Sanders making an announcement about a change of mind on gay marriage: video here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

An odd thing

Blogging this from my mobile phone. Sitting in the car in the mountains.A man just went past up the really steep road leading to Tanzawa Mountain with a full pack and a bumbag on a unicycle.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some sites for mixed or expat families in Japan

A. and I are belatedly exploring ways of trying to get more linked into expat networks and wisdom about living over here. There is quite a flourishing scene:

Tokyo with Kids
Tokyo American Club

This one has an education section about international schooling:


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hillary Clinton

I try not to write too many naked opinions on here but I have got to write this since I can`t vote against her: to me, Hillary Clinton has the antiseptic smell of the geriatric ward about her.

Her politics are, in British terms, New Labour. Old hat. She is miles ahead in the polling but it is really a choice between Edwards and Obama if you don't want the next decade to be a stultifying and dangerous time warp. Obama is an insightful person with a big dollop of charisma that might be significant if he became President; Edwards is showing more grit and purpose.

Bill Clinton's shadow lies long across American politics. The last time America voted for a new President, they voted for the man who felt most like Clinton (curiously, because the politics were so different). It has been a disaster. If the Dems now offer up to the American people a candidate whose corporate centrism is a photocopy of a Clintonism relevant to the 1990s, they will have missed another huge opportunity for significant positive change. Hillary is stacked full of big business donations and she doesn't give straight or brave answers on big policy issues. She is relying to a significant extent on identity politics: a large female vote that she will not carry with her into the Presidential election because many women beyond the Democratic party will never vote for her.

As I press the send button on this post, I know that I'll want to delete it in the morning. But I've kept this blog up for two years now and surely I'm allowed to have a wine fueled rant once in a while?

(Actually published 02.11.07 but wanted it to move it from the main stream of the blog)