Saturday, May 07, 2005


A few pictures of our house. It is in one of the suburbs of Hiratsuka, not really a walkable distance to the centre but there is a supermarket just over the hill and a convenience store a five minute walk away. In the medium term, a car is really going to be essential but it is not too bad at the moment just pottering around the locality.

The house is lovely. There is a small garden which hopefully we can make something of and enough room for the three of us to live. Rather importantly, there is a substantial room which are going to use as a joint study. The desk is arriving on the 9th!

The lounge Posted by Hello

The kitchen Posted by Hello

G's bedroom, which we are using too at the moment Posted by Hello

The study Posted by Hello

The Japanese room, the other bedroom Posted by Hello

George's playroom Posted by Hello

From the kitchen down the corridor (playroom on the first left, lounge second, tatami room third, my bedroom straight ahead, front door right at the end of the corridor) Posted by Hello

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