Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I've picked a manga called "Oishinbo" as my reading after making a promise to myself not to read English books in my spare time here. From past experience, I know that they tend to spill over into time I should be spending studying Japanese.

Anyway, after a bit of feeling around, "Oishinbo" has been selected. It is about food. The basic plot is two young journalists working for the "Tozai" newspaper are assigned to search for the most delicious foods in the world. Each little story is a gourmet adventure. It quite makes your mouth water. It is aimed at adults and has been serialised for about 20 years, an indication of its popularity. I am reading the first volume and it is striking how this manga was campaigning against factory produced food and for fresh produce such a long time ago.

Two decades later, it is still difficult to get organic/free range stuff in Japanese supermarkets.

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kozappa said...

We can get organic food sent to us. though a bit more expensive, it may be a good idea.