Sunday, December 11, 2005


It's a bit like Lent and Easter chocolates, you starve yourself of central heating (most people in Japan do) so that the sumptuous singe as your freezing bottom comes in contact with the heated toilet seat feels all the more sublime.

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with Japanese toilet culture but I have finally got it.


Anonymous said...

It all rather puts Thomas Crapper in his place.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian recently carried an amusing story about a firm in Osaka which is marketing air fresheners to 'reproduce familiar smells of the city in the smallest room in the house ....designed to conjure fond feelings towards the City's landmarks' such as ' a first kiss on the Ferris wheel at Tenzopan harbour'. See,,1665006,00.html (Personally, the evocation of being on a Ferris wheel would make me glad to be where I was!)

Nonjatta said...

Very amusing. Though why every article has to mention the post bubble economy beats me. Perhaps in this case it is actually how the product is being marketed but generally it just seems to be thrown into to explain just about anything that is happening in Japan right now. The truth is that it hasn't even been a very severe depression.