Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Haruki Murakami online

I found out via Daishirazu that the New Yorker has recently been publishing a number of translated stories by the most excellent Haruki Murakami.

The Year of Spaghetti
The Kidney Shaped Stone That Moves Every Day
Where I'm Likely To Find It

The last two are among the five stories included in Tokyo Kitanshu, the new Murakami book published in Japanese this year. Not sure whether the first one is in there.

Anyway, it seems there is a load of translated Murakami stuff available on the internet. The following list is all jumbled up. Some pages are collections of translations others are single stories from collections listed elsewhere. Anyway this is what I found in my net:

Landscape with Flatiron
The Second Bakery Attack
On seeing the 100 per cent perfect girl one beautiful April morning
The Kangaroo Communique
The Sheep Man's Christmas
Super-Frog Saves Tokyo
A Slow Boat to China
A Fine Day for Kangarooing
Firefly, Barn Burning and other stories
Carrousel's Dead-heat
The Second Bakery Attack
TV People
Spider Monkey at Night
A UFO Lands at Kushiro; And another version. And another version.
The Twins and the Sunken Continent
Lexington Ghosts

I even found a parody of Murakami.

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