Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Fuji-san

I can't get enough of the view of Fuji-san on my way to university. I am a terrible photographer but just to get a feel of how close she feels click on this image to zoom. As you can see from this blog, large parts of the rest of Japan are having some of the heaviest snowfalls for years, but here down by the sea in Shonan we are untouched. Sickly people used to come here in the winter to avoid the harsh weather further inland. A pity really because I like snow.


Anonymous said...

That really is a stunning image

Pipi Longstockings said...

Hey...well, its a romantic idea to have white xmasses. but in reality its just waaaay too cold! Anyway, heres wishing you Merry Trishmas & Happy Holidays