Friday, July 29, 2005

I shop therefore I am

This post is apropos of nothing really but this morning I went to the big electronics store near here to buy a tape recorder to help my Japanese studying. I got there about 9.55 am only to find it opened at 10.15. What was slightly surprising was that there were already a group of about 20 people waiting for it to open. It wasn't a sale or anything, just a normal day. It wasn't just the electronic shop either: there was a supermarket on the next corner that had a similar group waiting for the doors to open. I felt like I had an alibi - i hadn't known what time these shops opened - but I got the distinct feeling that some of these people were regulars.

Anyway, the guy at the front of the queue was wearing a white shirt emblazoned with the motto: "I shop therefore I am".


Anonymous said...

Bit like the post office on pension day!

Anonymous said...

Not in this pic but there were quite a few people who must have come straight from the pension office to the store