Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Satellite images

This isn't quite an "I can see our house" post but here is a Googlemap satellite image/map of the part of the point where this composite pic was taken, which is a few minutes from our house .

Unfortunately, Googlemaps haven't got round to doing really detailed satellite images of Hiratsuka. Chigasaki, the next town down the coast, has much better images and central Tokyo is pretty amazing. The existing ones of Hiratsuka give a general feel for the lie of the land though.

You can zoom in an out using the slider, switch between maps and images using the buttons, and drag the map around with your mouse. If you zoom a bit out, you can see the whole of Japan. It is amazing how much of it is uninhabitable mountain ranges and how many people are packed into a few little gulleys and plains around and about them. A. and I are hoping to go for a little trip into the mountains next week.

By the way, here is a Googlemap of Mount Fuji with a stain on its bib.

And an Googlemap of Mount Oyama having a cig break.

And, for those not as obsessed by Japan as myself, here are the pyramids.

And the lunar landing sites.

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Anonymous said...

It's fascinating to see the physical relationships, eg between the islands and the main land masses. Supplemented by traditional map, you get a new view on the world.
But do be carful of smokers on your trip to the mountains!