Saturday, June 04, 2005

Manga mania

I think A. thinks I don't know where her secret stash of manga is. Every day she comes home with a little plastic bag full of her little vice and hides it away in this cupboard. She reads them somewhat quicker than I do. I am still on my first volume of Oishinbo but A. seems to knock off about five in a train ride. It is not such a bad vice though: about £1.50 per volume. In England, translated volumes of Japanese manga cost between £7.50 and £15, which rather changes the whole feel of the thing.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like another opening here for Trotters Inc. Bet you'll get a posting from him before too long with a proposition - how do you feel about bringing a suitcase full of them with you on your next trip?

Anonymous said...

Trotters Independant Trading Ltd. Couldn't do the translating though!!

kozappa said...

I get them secondhand in the first place anyway. I wonder if they are still sellable, though!