Monday, October 10, 2005

Entering the 21st Century

Thought this was quite fun. A gallery of pictures of a pachinko parlour called "The 21th Century" near Kumamoto, Japan.

And this is both a rather lovely image and a rather cunning idea.

From the same chap as above, another fun idea.


Anonymous said...

A deserted 'The 21st Century' pachinko parlour is just a wonderful and evocative (even disturbing - in a Murakami way) image: related to the fictional 'Ballroom of Desire' set in isolation somewhere in the west of Ireland (in a beautiful film of the same name) and numerous real but similarly faded or crumbling British theatres/cinemas with names like 'The Alhambra' conjuring up mysteries and delights of the 'East' etc. - and with teasing current resonance!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me more of a Morrisons store