Friday, August 04, 2006

At Changi

Wow. Never had a airport transit quite like this one. I had about 6 hours to spare at Singapore's Changi airport. I walked off my plane from Tokyo expecting a real grind.

Then, as I cruised the shopping area like some kind of consumer zombie, I saw the gym. It cost only a £5 for an hour. They gave me the shorts, t-shirt, socks, trainers and towel and I pedalled for all I was worth for my allotted time. I then had a shower, which was also included in the price, and, feeling rather virtuous and refreshed, went to the Singaporean restaurant, where I consumed a massive chilli crab, which apparently is a bit of a thing in these parts.

Another thing to note about this airport is that it has very few PA announcements. This is bad for the alcoholic airport bar types who are habitually late for their boardings but great for the rest of us. Famous last words. Better be off.

(Picture of the crab nicked from 'z dead' because I couldn't download from the airport computer. My table looked exactly the same, down to the Tiger beer)

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