Friday, September 02, 2005

The sea, the sea

Can't believe I didn't do it sooner but today I went to the sea, which is only about five minutes drive from our house. I love the sea. It always relaxes me to have my feet in the surf and eyes on a flat horizon. I have been bugging A. for ages to go there.

The sand is grey near Hiratsuka (a tourist brochure would probably say "unique black sand "). It sounded a bit grim when Aya described it that way but in reality the beach was quite nice really. A top spot for a seaside barbeque. The Komayama mountain ridge sweeps down just behind the spot we parked. I think the seaside can get quite crowded in high summer, hence A.'s slight reluctance to go before, but there were only a few surfers there today. I wondered about having a go at surfing some time. I hear it's hard.

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Pipi Longstockings said...

That is a lovely pic..its so nice to see something like this these days...the world has become so ugly