Monday, January 23, 2006

Yugawara onsen

Just took a one night break at a traditional Japanese inn called Fujitaya in the onsen town of Yugawara. Sitting in the morning in our room's balcony bath tub, brimming with a constant flow of volcanically heated spring water, and looking out over the forested hillsides flecked with snow was a very special moment.

They had calligraphy by the Japanese naval hero Admiral Togo in the room. Not sure what it means.

I'm using this this pic of the onsen water as desktop wallpaper. Just looking at it is relaxing.


Anonymous said...

I think I would go for this option for keeping warm rather than 'chowing (sic) popcorn' wrapped in a 'slanket'!

kozappa said...

But Slanket is much cheaper!