Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Things you can do in seven minutes fifty seconds

Theories about fundamental differences between Japan and England are mostly a load of cobblers. However, there is one difference between these two island nations I will accept:

It takes a hell of a lot longer to boil an electric kettle in Japan.

I just timed it. It took seven minutes and fifty seconds to boil one litre!

Things that can be done in seven minutes and fifty seconds

1. Travel more than 8700 miles through space just sitting here on the earth.
2. Run 3000 metres and have time for a TV interview ... if you are good.
3. Box for two professional rounds, with time for a bit of a rub down.
4. Cook a crab.
5. Travel the width of the United States in the Space Shuttle.
6. Fall asleep and snore a bit ... if you are average.
7. Do the washing up.

Actually, I've never tried that last one. Reckon it could be done though! So now you know, I am mostly sitting here on the other side of the world waiting for the kettle to boil.


Anonymous said...

The voltage is lower in Japan. I wonder if that has anything to do with the time it takes the kettle to heat up. When I was in Japan I used to have to leave my electric razor plugged in all the time so that it would have enough juice to shave everyday. In Australia, where the voltage is way higher, I could only leave it plugged in for an hour and it would start to get dangerously warm. Here in Canada it's just right. It's a German razor. Go figure.

If you travel to Australia, take your kettle with you and see what happens.

Nonjatta said...

I think the Australians and the UK may be similar because a kettle takes about half the time in the UK I think

Anonymous said...

The kettle will boil quicker if you don't watch it (or measure the time it takes). Somthing to do with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, I think....

Nonjatta said...

Aaaah! Is the uncertainty field stronger in Japan?