Sunday, January 29, 2006

Google's China censorship

The effects of Google's decision to censor itself to the specifications of the Chinese Government:

A search for "Tiananmen" on images.
A search for "Tiananmen" on images.

Update: To be fair, Google has pointed out, and you can see it at the bottom left hand corner of the example page above, that it will always tell its Chinese searchers that it has filtered results, if Chinese policies or laws force it to do so. There was no such honesty in the Chinese Government's previous ad hoc censoring. The company writes, in its own defence, "This is not, to be sure, a tremendous advance in transparency to users, but it is at least a meaningful step in the right direction."

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Anonymous said...

I`m very sorry for what china is doing. not the right path. impose bans on china.