Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pop and unpop art

So, these two artists decided to forget all that individual inspiration and creative vision nonsense and just professionally poll the people on what sort of paintings they should paint.

The American public`s choice stipulated a landscape, group of people, historical figure etc.. Many wondered what it said about Americans:

Then they went to 13 other countries and used the same advanced polling techniques. See what they got. Make sure you look at Holland's.

That was all such a success that they moved on to music, with the help of a bloke called Dave Soldier. Among other things, they found out that people prefer 3-10 minute long pieces. You need to check out the 21 minute long Most Unwanted Song, featuring a rapping opera diva and bagpipes! The intro sample on emusic doesn't do it justice. It is a work of genius. The Most Wanted is dire.

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