Monday, November 12, 2007

The American Gulag II

Water boarding is torture... Period.

And it doesn`t work.

I wrote about this before here.


Anonymous said...

You did write on this before and the current links are additional powerfully persuasive support for your clear position. I would add only that: Torture is ethically indefensible, regardless of whether it could work or not. It saddens me greatly that powerful political/legal/media figures have and continue to be prepared to jettison America's world leadership on this issue - and for what? Where are the religious leaders in opposing this specious and dangerous moral relativism?

Nonjatta said...

I think it is near to being as ethically indefensible as anything. One could imagine theoretical situations in which it might at least be defensible but systematic torture is wrong, degrading and corrupt. Unfortunately, the most relevant political leaders, those in the US, are as often as not at least implicitly supporting this barbarism. Which says something about there claims to be religious and leaders.

Nonjatta said...

I meant "Unfortunately, the most relevant religious leaders..."