Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

Today is the day I have been dreading.

The day I have to admit to G. and A. that the little eggs sent by Grandma and Grandpa to put inside G.`s big chocolate egg have, purely due to the peculiar climactic conditions prevalent in Japan, become somewhat reduced in quantity. You can just about see the surviving eggs at the bottom of the tube there.


Miss Halfway said...

hahahahaha i wonder how peculiar the wheather conditions should be to make eggs disappear!

happy easter to you:)

Miss Halfway said...

really?? it's very weird... i tried downloading it myself to see if both the link and the upload had turned alright and they both work:S

Rockstar said...

Yummy, yummy - were they very scrummy or did guilt take the tinge off the experience?
Just to make you feel a tad better - it's part of being a mummy or indeed a daddy - I used to love the "trial" selection boxes at Christmas that Grandma sent you and S.!