Friday, March 24, 2006

Nearly weed my pants

Bit of background first: get caught for anything to do with drugs in Japan and they don't quite shoot you but they basically throw away the key.

So I was alarmed to open the front pocket of A.'s case on the baggage reclaim carousel at Narita airport to find a large unmarked see-through bag full of crushed green leaves. Oh Mummy! Finished!

Was A. a marijuana mule? (That's how she paid for those handbags!) Or had we been set up?
A. was sitting with G. and our hand luggage some way off and I started gesticulating wildly for her to come over, thinking it was probably best to declare the weed's presence before the customs gates.
"Ayako, come here! No, quickly! Now!."

An eternal walk.

"What's this?"
There was quiet elation as we walked towards the customs. A. said she had bought the bag of raspberry leaf tea for her sister's pregnancy. It is good for that.


Anonymous said...

Did the customs people accept that?

Nonjatta said...

They didn't stop us. Must have been the blissful expression on my face.