Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Waiter, this wine is corked!

We connoisseurs of Martin Jacques's articles about Japan in the Guardian newspaper have come to savour the ill-informed stereotyping and gross over-generalisations that normally spice his work [1,2]. It was with some considerable disappointment then that I read his latest offering. Call that Jacques Japan article! The old platitudes are there but none (well, little) of the of the normal raving nonsense and ex-pat bar room theorising.

I suspect this article must have been poorly stored at the Guardian's offices. The sommelier must have taken a holiday or something. The subtle piquancies of Jacques's oriental meanderings must have been allowed to be oxidised by contact with the real world or something.

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dirty dingus said...

Commented on at my blog with reference to a related article at Coming Anarchy. Thanks for the heads up