Saturday, October 21, 2006

Troll taekwondo

Many great minds have worried over important issues such as "pirates versus ninja", "samurai versus knights" and "Smurfs versus Snorks", but a much more pressing question for me is:

Who would win, Gruffalo or Totoro?

Both seem to be trolls of a sort but Gruffalo has the poisonous wart while Totoro has the flying ability and, presumably, the help of the mouse.


Anonymous said...

Easy, we just need to know which styles they are using. Let's say Gruffalo has been practising Taekwondo whereas Totora opted to learn Karate. Gruffalo is somewhat pleased to find his martial art serves him well and wins him the bout. Totoro is a little upset to find that not only are the techniques he's been learning are ineffective, but the training he's been doing has done more damage to him than his art will ever do to an opponent ;)

Nonjatta said...

I feel Totoro, if he were to need to use a martial art, would be most likely to use something more like aikido. Gruffalo, surely, would be more of a back street brawler with his own self-tutored techniques utilising that wart and all.