Monday, August 28, 2006


There is a new craze in Japan for pedal powered karaoke at weddings.

Basically, the groom has to pedal an exercise bike which powers the backing music for his bride's karaoke performance. If he flags, she has to continue without backing. All very overloaded with metaphor.

Update: It seems there are a number of other pedal powered innovations waiting for the couple once they have settled into married life. These include:

The food pedalessor

The velocleaner

And, for after the little one arrives:

The Tour de Train Set (tandem model, just in case Mummy is getting complacent)

Finally, to work off all those mince pies, the Christmas bike ride

I think there is a serious side to all this stuff - pointing out the energy we use - but the wedding karaoke idea has been a hit beyond the wholemeal types.

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