Sunday, December 25, 2005

Season's greetings!

I'm sitting here, with my belly full of turkey and Christmas pud, feeling rather chuffed. We managed to do a pretty good celebration here for our first Christmas in Japan. A.'s Mum and Dad, Uncle and Auntie all came to the dinner. It really felt like a proper family occasion. I enjoyed a little tipple with the in-laws, just in the interests of being sociable, you understand. G. is asleep having tired himself out opening all his presents. (Of course he was more interested in ripping up the wrapping than playing with the presents, but he loved it.)

The cooking was a a challenge. We had two chickens rather than a turkey, because the latter are very difficult to get here, and we then ran into an oven space problem. They simply don't use ovens here in Japan. Well, I lie. We have one but it is about as big as that little pocket you have on your jeans to carry change in. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we were forced to hark back to the Old West and cook our chicken outside, using a fire and a Dutch Oven. I was convinced that I was going to hopelessly burn the bird but it turned out very tasty.

Anyway, Happy Christmas everyone. And cheers.


doltrane said...

Happy Xmas and cheers to you all!
The cooking experience looks to have added an extr dimension to what can sometimes seem to be a bit of an annual routine.

rockstar said...

On balance I would definitely prfer my Aga!

buyo said...

I think on balance I would definitely prefer your Aga.

buyo said...

Although, having experienced the tail end of it, how would you feel about this equation:
Aga+Japanese Summer=suffering

rockstar said...

TRue but then you would have to turn it off and use alternative cooker