Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Japanese packed lunch mums for Obama

Photograph lifted from Kasumin. Go look at the links below.

A neglected demographic in the 2008 election were Japanese packed lunch obsessed housewives. Ridiculously ornate packed lunches are a thing among some absurdly underemployed Japanese mums. This photo is from the blog of the woman who helped popularise this fad (she herself seems to have made a profession out it, appearing on all sorts of shows and publishing numerous books). She explains her concept here. Here are some of her more recent creations.

This "bento mania", by the way, is a thoroughly bad thing. A. spent ages this morning hovering over G.'s packed lunch for a trip to the park with his nursery. She was thoroughly intimidated by what elaborations the other mums might come up with. Peanut butter and raisin sandwiches in brown bread and cling film never did me any harm!


Anonymous said...

Well, but the nursery asked for two omusubi and "anything your children really loves", which means a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

By the way, my favourites are these particularly Japanese themes!

Rockstar said...

And I'll stick with the peanut butter and raisin rolls! Quick, no hastle preparation and easy to dispose of afterwards!

doltrane said...

Oh yes! Just imagine the injuries that people have suffered slipping on the combination of peanut butter squiged raisins - even without stiletto heels!!