Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama`s running mate?

It would help Obama and the Democratic party to have a woman VP candidate. Not Clinton, of course. I don't think he has given it a second thought. Too many people of all political stripes dislike her and she will compromise his message about the need for change fatally.

Perhaps Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas? She supports abortion and opposes capital punishment, which might be seen as negatives in getting together the broad coalition that Obama wants to build, but is a proven winner away from the liberal heartlands. Some would say he needs an old Washington head because of his own newness to the Washington game but I can't see that: he needs to double on the change not limit it.

23.5.08: Or Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona?
Five minutes later: No, not a good idea at all. Arizona 9-11 memorial disastrous.

Meanwhile, in the Clinton camp, the last days (in very rude language):

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