Friday, June 29, 2007

Mayor Chester Stranczek

Actually the village of Crestwood, Illinois seems an interesting place. Mayor Chester, a former minor league baseball pitcher and self made millionaire trucker, has been in office since 1969!

There are all kinds of scraps and scrapes in Crestwood, like the Battle of the Library Board ("Why not" stack it with family members?) and the debate about whether to "go to the internet" or not ("I do think Crestwood does things a little too old school") and the police badges for library assistants, at the library again. And here is a little more on the Crestwood signs.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 2007 arrest of a mother at the Walmart store where the police abandoned her other two daughters at the store.

All charges were dropped against the mother for lack of evidence.

Chief Tim Sulikowski is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

How about the water in Crestwood Illinois. It seems Mayor Chester Stranczeks administration was responsible for lying to the EPA and illegally using a contaminated well to provide drinking water to the people of Crestwood.

The well was contaminated with a cancer causing chemical called vinyl chloride and he exposed more than ten thousand people to this dangerous carcinogen for many years.

Chester Stranczek and his associates should be in prison for what they did to the people of Crestwood.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the former mayor, and other village officials who were either responsible or who knew of what was taking place, are ready to "do the time." All that money Stranczek bragged that he had saved ratepayers -- it won't begin to cover the costs when residents start suing the village and EPA for the loss or illness of loved ones. I hope someone pays -- BIG TIME!!

Steven Nelson said...

If you haven't heard the recent news, Crestwood officials are being blamed for providing residents with poisoned water for over two decades. Needless to say, this has caused much outrage in the community. Please check out our official group against these horrific actions if you wish to learn more.

Anonymous said...

If you are telling people they need to learn English, then you better make sure you know it as well! *exceptions* not excetions

Anonymous said...

Although the United States has no official language, English is the most common. Most state and federal government agencies use English. Many states, such as California, require bilingual legislated notices and official documents, in Spanish and English, and other commonly used languages. In the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Spanish is the official and most commonly used language. Throughout the history of the Southwest United States, the controversial issues of language as part of cultural rights and bilingual state government representation has caused socio-cultural friction between Anglophones and Hispanophones. Currently, Spanish is the most widely-taught second language in the United States.[8].

Jay Davidson said...

This "movement" about English being the "official language" of the USA and that people should learn it or leave is not only tedious but mean-spirited.

Since the time English came to the shores of North America, and since the non-English-speaking immigrants followed, the same pattern has existed: while the first generation of immigrants may have kept their original language and learned either minimal or no English, all of their descendants became native speakers, by virtue of the fact that they were born in the USA and were surrounded by English.

Scratch the surface and you will find that the overwhelming majority of people who insist that everyone speaks ONLY English are people who speak... ONLY English. By and large they have a heightened sense of entitlement and a diminished sense of empathy for the more recent immigrants.

I agree with Martin Dolan above: check out that mayor's family tree and probably within the last 100 years will be a generation of immigrants who never learned English -- but their descendants certainly did.225955

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor: Before you tell people that they need to learn 'our language', perhaps you should brush-up on the spelling of some of the more simple words within that language. The word you were looking for on your not-so-clever sign is 'exceptions'. Pots and kettles, mayor. Pots and kettles.

Anonymous said...

For argument sake, lets say the "P" was left out, but it appears that Mayor Stranczek should practice what he preaches and actually learn English? Preposition?