Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Loose socks

Loose socks are a thing among Japanese school girls. This Wikipedia article explains them well. The idea is that you wear very long, very loose socks with your shortened school skirt. They have been around for ages but I hadn`t realised just how long they could be.

The picture above is of loose socks being sold in a mall near here. The longest ones there are 150 cm long! That is taller than a lot of the girls themselves. Either they are catering to a niche market of gargantuan Japanese schoolgirls (scary) or there are a lot of folds in them there loose socks.


Paula said...

I love this photo!!! I wish these socks were available on ocident too :))

Anonymous said...

Why don't they sell these socks in European stores one can visit ?. They look great but are much too expensive through international auction sites.

As soon as they sell these socks in European stores I'll be there to buy at least the 150cm ones, and most likely the 120cm socks too :p