Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold Stone

Ice cream in Japan is good but the American "Cold Stone Creamery" store I found in Yokohama was a welcome new departure. They take whatever flavour of ice cream you want and put all the goodies you choose (slabs of chocolate, nuts, sauces etc.) into the ice cream on the "cold stone" right there in front of you. That means the goodies are not frozen and make a delicious contrast to the ice. Yummalicious.


Anonymous said...

So that's how you spend your time in Yokohama - sounds scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Cold Stone is a complete scam. Everytime you go in, the flavor gets made differently, and all that banging on the ice cream makes it a sloppy, gummy mess.

And it's stupidly overpriced.

Give me a good, properly mixed and formulated Baskin Robbins 31 flavors any day - The Gold Medal Ribbon or Baseball Nut is to die for!

Nonjatta said...

In my opinion:

1st. Fuscos, Belfast
2nd. Burgesses, Beverley
3rd. The ice cream in Hadano
4th. Cold Stone
A poor 5th. Baskin Robbins