Friday, May 25, 2007

The Really Revolutionary Engine

One of my Dadly duties is reading Thomas the Tank Engine books. G. loves Thomas (although I'm very glad to say that Mr Tickle, an altogether more admirable character, has recently stolen a lot of Thomas's limelight).

Anyway, I have to read these stories, so I decided to write my own Thomas story with a difference: "The Really Revolutionary Engine".

The album below is not really designed for reading a book. You need to scroll down until you see the black space just below the panel and press the play arrow in the middle of the panel. Put your cursor in the black space. This should bring up the control arrows. Press pause and then click the right button to flip pages.

PS. I chopped up the illustrations from a load of different Thomas books that we have and rearranged them with my own text. Of course, the illustrations are nicked from other people far more talented that me: Robin Davies and Jerry Smith, who illustrated the My Thomas Story Library published by Egmont.


KL said...

Brilliant. Reminds me of the bit in Winny the Pooh where they organise a marxist-leninist collective to pull Pooh out of the hole. (See The Pooh Perplex).

blakewest said...

Wonderful read. I especially liked the part about Gordon's purge at the end to soften the fanciful tone.

I have often wanted the time to rewrite all the crap children's books that my daughter gets sucked into. Rugrats!! Arthur!! Just advertising with lame copy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. We're new to Thomas and I think it's pure evil (not to mention inappropriate for children - Henry is essentially buried alive?!). Thanks for this wonderful antidote.

Anonymous said...

It would have been better if the engines had ripped Sir Topham Hat apart as punishment for his oppression...

...sometimes I fantasize about doing it.

Of all the kids books out there, Thomas is one of most insidious. I don't know why the kids love it, but they do! The TV show, which I've only had the misfortune to see once, is just as bad.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this! I'll be reciting it in my head tonight as we read those damn books before bedtime! said...

This is great! Thank you for writing it and posting it out here for all the rest of us parents who have been sucked into the evil world of Sodor.

I would love to print this out to share with my boys Grandma, but I can't get the .pdf link to work at all; can you update the link?. I just get the following:

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buyo said...

Sorry about the pdf. Will look into it.

buyo said...

I have put up a new pdf. It is pretty basic but better than nothing. Thanks for being interested.

Ross Brown said...

I used to watch the original Thomas the Tank Engine videos.... and loved it.

But I found this spoof absolutely hilarious, especially when Percy pulls down Cranky with a rope!

Anonymous said...

Thomas rocks, this is a load of ignurent bullshit.

Whoever made this,


NeilJ said...

S'funny, isn't it? How the really, truly ignorant people can't spell complicated words like "ignurent". Oh, the irony. ;) You can almost see the veins standing out proudly on Anonymous's (probably red) neck as he blusters irately over the sheer audacity of your 'attack' on such a revered figure as dear ol' Thomas-the-tank.

Personally, I thought it was very funny - but then I'm British, and thus have a good grasp of satire, and almost never use phrases like "so-and-so rocks", or "jerk" - which leads me to think that Anonymous is probably from the (Re)United States of Obama... maybe. ;)

I'm sure if the Rev Awdry was still alive, he'd probably write a story about a naughty railway engine that cussed and swore on an internet blog, and (by some convoluted punishment method involving petards and hoisting, or a big mouthful of soap) was forced to regret his potty-mouth and small-mindedness.

But alas, it'd never be published, I expect. Too passé - and besides, that bloody Allcroft woman has already made Awdry's "moral high ground" look like Norfolk fenland, by comparison. You can always rely on a yank to take things too far, which, as the Fat Bloater would say, is never a Good Idea(tm).

Thanks for an amusing read, anyway. Enjoyed it immensely. :)

Ed said...

The Railway series (I refer here specifically to the tales by the Rev. Awdry)are, it is true, not without their faults. However if you compare them to any other childrens book they are no more trite than the competition. Furthermore they do not treat children as complete idiots - he presents true stories with accurate terminology.
On the other hand as a parody of the series it is very funny indeed.

Robert said...

This is genius. I like the Thomas series, and my son adores it, but I saw the Marxist critique that could be made almost immediately. When he's old enough, I'll start pointing out some of the issues (in addition to capitalist oppression, how about the sexism -- before the newer series with "female" engines, the only female characters were Thomas's coaches, who by definition were helpless and useless unless they had a male to lead them aroud or push them in the right direction).

I confess, though, I imagined James, not Percy, as the leader of the revolution -- he's the Red Engine after all! Download Game PC dan Android Gratis Terbaru dengan Server Lokal said...

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samp said...

What is this? I'm still new to Thomas the Tank Engine, but until somebody some essays pointed it towards me, I never saw any 'underneath' messages about some sort of 'Marxist' in it.

Great book!

Buyo said...

I should make absolutely clear that this is a spoof--nothing to do with the official makers. Just a bit of fun (and, as I say in the post, done in full appreciation of the artistry of the originals)